Worksheet Answer Key For Food Web

Food Web Worksheet Answer Key


Food web is a complex system that shows the interconnection of different organisms in an ecosystem. In order to better understand the concept of food web, a worksheet is often used to provide students with a visual representation of how different species are connected. This article will provide an answer key for a food web worksheet.

The Food Web Worksheet

The food web worksheet consists of a series of images that show different organisms in an ecosystem. Students are asked to identify the different organisms and their role in the food web. The worksheet also includes questions that ask students to explain the relationships between the different organisms.

Answer Key

1. Producer: Grass 2. Primary Consumer: Rabbit 3. Secondary Consumer: Fox 4. Tertiary Consumer: Hawk 5. Decomposer: Fungi


Grass is a producer because it produces its own food through photosynthesis. Rabbit is a primary consumer because it eats the grass. Fox is a secondary consumer because it eats the rabbit. Hawk is a tertiary consumer because it eats the fox. Fungi is a decomposer because it breaks down dead organisms into nutrients that can be used by other organisms.

Importance of Food Web

Understanding the concept of food web is important because it helps us understand the delicate balance of nature. Every organism in an ecosystem plays a vital role in maintaining the balance. If one species is removed, it can cause a ripple effect throughout the entire ecosystem.


In conclusion, the food web worksheet is a valuable tool for teaching students about the interconnection between different organisms in an ecosystem. By understanding the concept of food web, students can better appreciate the importance of preserving and protecting our natural world.