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Web Drama I Am Sub Indo: A New Trend In Indonesian Entertainment Scene

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The entertainment industry in Indonesia has witnessed a major shift in recent years, with the introduction of web dramas. These online dramas are becoming increasingly popular among young people as they offer a fresh take on traditional television shows. One such web drama that has caught the attention of the audience is “I Am Sub Indo”. In this article, we will discuss what this web drama is all about and why it is gaining so much popularity.

What is “I Am Sub Indo”?

“I Am Sub Indo” is a web drama series that follows the life of a group of university students in Indonesia. The show discusses various themes such as friendship, love, and relationships, which are relatable to the younger generation. The show is produced by a local production house and is available online for free.

The Cast and Characters

The cast of “I Am Sub Indo” includes some of the most talented actors and actresses in Indonesia. The lead roles are played by young actors who are relatively new to the industry. The show’s characters are diverse, and the actors have done an excellent job portraying them. The audience can easily connect with the characters and relate to their struggles and aspirations.

Why is “I Am Sub Indo” Popular?

“I Am Sub Indo” has become a hit among the younger generation due to its fresh storyline and relatable characters. The show has managed to capture the essence of university life in Indonesia and has presented it in a contemporary and engaging manner. Moreover, the show’s availability online has made it easily accessible to the audience, who can watch it anytime and anywhere.

The Impact of Web Dramas on Indonesian Entertainment Industry

Web dramas have disrupted the traditional television industry in Indonesia. They offer a new way of storytelling and have created a space for new and upcoming talent. Moreover, web dramas are cost-effective and can reach a wider audience than traditional television shows. This has opened up new opportunities for local production houses and has created a more dynamic entertainment industry in Indonesia.

The Future of Web Dramas in Indonesia

The popularity of web dramas is only set to grow in Indonesia. With the increasing access to the internet and the rise of digital platforms, web dramas are becoming the preferred choice of entertainment for the younger generation. This presents a significant opportunity for local production houses to create more quality content and reach a wider audience.


In conclusion, “I Am Sub Indo” is an excellent example of how web dramas are transforming the entertainment industry in Indonesia. The show’s success has demonstrated the potential of web dramas to create engaging and relevant content for the younger generation. As the popularity of web dramas continues to grow, we can expect to see more innovative and exciting shows in the future.