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Dream Knight (sorozat, 2015) Kritikák, videók, szereplők MAFAB.hu


Dream Knight is a South Korean-Chinese web drama that tells the story of a girl named Joo In-hyung (played by Song Ha-yoon) who dreams of becoming a singer. One day, she meets four mysterious and handsome guys, who turn out to be her very own “dream knights.” The web drama was released in 2015 and has since gained popularity among fans of K-dramas and K-pop.


The story begins with In-hyung struggling to achieve her dream of becoming a singer. She works part-time at a convenience store to make ends meet and attends auditions in her free time. One day, she encounters four guys who suddenly appear in her dreams. They introduce themselves as her “dream knights” and offer to help her achieve her dream. As the story progresses, In-hyung grows closer to the dream knights and discovers their true identities. She also faces challenges in her journey to become a singer, including a rival who tries to sabotage her career. In the end, In-hyung learns the importance of friendship and perseverance as she works towards her goals.


The web drama stars Song Ha-yoon as Joo In-hyung, as well as the following actors in the roles of the dream knights: – JB (of K-pop group GOT7) as himself – Jr. (also of GOT7) as himself – Park Jin-young (of K-pop group JJ Project) as himself – Choi Young-jae (of K-pop group GOT7) as himself


Dream Knight was well-received by fans of K-dramas and K-pop. Many praised the chemistry between the lead actress and the dream knights, as well as the catchy soundtrack. The web drama also helped to further the careers of the GOT7 members who starred in it.


In conclusion, Dream Knight is a fun and entertaining web drama that is worth checking out for fans of K-dramas and K-pop. The story is engaging and the cast delivers strong performances. If you’re looking for a lighthearted series to watch, give Dream Knight a try!