Web Check-In On Singapore Airlines

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What is Web Check-In?

Web check-in is an online process that allows passengers to check-in for their flight from the comfort of their own home or office. This process saves time and effort by avoiding long queues at the airport check-in counter. Singapore Airlines offers web check-in to all its passengers.

How to Use Web Check-In on Singapore Airlines?

To use web check-in on Singapore Airlines, passengers must visit the airline’s website and click on the “Web Check-In” option. They must enter their booking reference or e-ticket number and select their preferred seat. Once they complete the check-in process, passengers can print their boarding pass or receive it on their mobile device.

Benefits of Web Check-In

Web check-in offers several benefits to passengers, including: – Saves time and effort by avoiding long queues at the airport – Choose preferred seat in advance – Receive boarding pass on mobile device – Faster boarding process

Restrictions on Web Check-In

There are some restrictions on web check-in for Singapore Airlines passengers. Passengers cannot use web check-in if: – They require special assistance – They have not completed the visa requirements for their destination – They have not completed the security requirements for their destination

Web Check-In Time Limit

Passengers must complete web check-in at least 48 hours before their flight’s scheduled departure time. If they fail to do so, they must check-in at the airport counter.


Web check-in is a convenient way for Singapore Airlines passengers to save time and effort. By following the simple steps mentioned above, passengers can complete the check-in process online and avoid long queues at the airport counter. However, passengers must ensure that they complete the check-in process within the time limit and meet all the requirements for their destination.