Air Asia Web Check-In Rules In 2023

Airasia Web Check In Guide ขั้นตอนการทำ Web Check in Air Asia


Air Asia is one of the leading low-cost airlines in the world. With its affordable fares and excellent services, it has become a popular choice for many travelers. One of the features that Air Asia offers is web check-in, which allows passengers to check-in online before their flight. In this article, we will discuss the web check-in rules of Air Asia in 2023.

What is Web Check-in?

Web check-in is a process that allows passengers to check-in for their flight online. This eliminates the need to queue up at the airport check-in counter. It is a convenient way to save time and avoid the hassle of long lines.

How to Access Air Asia Web Check-in?

To access Air Asia web check-in, passengers can visit the Air Asia website or download the Air Asia mobile app. They will need to enter their booking number and personal details to proceed with the check-in process.

Web Check-in Rules

1. Passengers can check-in online from 14 days up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. 2. Baggage drop counters close 1 hour before the scheduled departure time. 3. Passengers who have completed web check-in must print their boarding pass or have it saved on their mobile device. 4. Passengers must present their boarding pass and travel documents at the airport security checkpoint.

Benefits of Web Check-in

1. Save time and avoid long queues at the airport check-in counter. 2. Choose preferred seats and meals in advance. 3. Receive notifications for flight updates and changes.

Things to Consider

1. Passengers who require special assistance or traveling with infants cannot check-in online. 2. Passengers with baggage to check-in must drop off their bags at the designated baggage drop counter. 3. Passengers who do not have a printed or digital boarding pass will need to check-in at the airport counter.


Air Asia web check-in is a convenient way to save time and avoid long queues at the airport. Passengers can easily access the web check-in feature on the Air Asia website or mobile app. However, it is important to remember the web check-in rules and things to consider before proceeding with the process. With these tips in mind, passengers can enjoy a hassle-free travel experience with Air Asia.